An annual event that honors Jujiro Wada and his legacy was held in Matsuyama.

Jujiro Wada Association set up an information board next to his monument and held its unveiling ceremony. After that, we presented the international website.

The paper guidebook was renewed with new reports of events added. Representative Mikio Ueoka has miraculously recovered from a serious disease and made it to today`s event.

The 2nd part of internet broadcast Honmaru News Dogo Yamatoya, in Japanese, has been uploaded. Please check at
Jujiro Wada on Internet radio in Dogo, Matsuyama

Last year September representatives from JWMA visited San Jose to meet with the (great) grandchildren of Jujiro Wada and also to his place of death San Diego.

This has become the topic of a newspapers articles published in the Ehime Newspaper February 2nd and 3rd.

Mikio Kaminaga, who did the editing for the book
by Yuji Tani about Jujiro Wada’s life, A samurai running to aurora , now has published a book Unfinshed pilgrimage, by publisher Yama to Keikoku-sha. Over several meals with the author we learned that through his being chief editor for the magazine Yama to Keikoku, Mountains and Valleys, he has strong ties to adventurers, so he introduces various stories and deeds of 6 adventurers in this book.

Today a study meeting on human rights was held at Soga Public Hall, in which a representative held a lecture about Jujiro Wada.

Wada on Dawson Daily News

We appreciate that attention was good, with a full house of 60 people.
Topics were how Wada met with abuse discrimination, but coped with it, exceeded it, and kept challenging.

As joint effort with local support we feel supported to keep involved in future activities. Discrimination of minorities and other forms of discrimination should not exist, as we are all human beings.

We want to strive for a society where everyone respects each other and can live together.

Our representative Ueoka of Jujiro Wada Memorial Association participated in the internet broadcast “Honmaru news Dogo Yamatoya”, with a contribution about Jujiro Wada. What was intended as a one-time 30 minute broadcast, is now extended to two sessions. It will be uploaded in February on 

Also, Ueoka will hold a speaking event about Jujiro Wada on Feb 1st in a Study Meeting on Human Rights for Soga Public Hall, covering topics such as discrimination.

The exchange class between Fanano Elementary School located in Pedro’s home town, and Soga Elementary School located in Jujiro’s hometown, was held

Soga Elementary School Culturel Exchange
Students introducng about Jujiro Wada

on the 30th, and it ended in a great success.  


First of all, there was a greeting by Matsuyama City Education chief, Mr. Fujita, and mayor of Fanano. After that, students of the Soga Elementary School introduced Matsuyama city and their school life.

Then, students from Fanano Elementary School introduced their city and the achievement of Pedoro.
Lastly, they pledged to continue communicating with each other.  It was touching that the students from both schools kept waving their hands.The purpose of international interaction between students from two cities through their great local histrical figure was achieved. We believe that this exchange program served as a great experience for their Children.

Soga Elementary School Culturel Exchange



Finally, the program was made possible with cooperation of many people including Soga Elementary School and Fanano Elementary School. I sincerely express my gratitude to everyone concerned.

This events was widely covered by NHK and other news outlets.  Itis also scheduled to be featured in the childrens version of Ehime News Paper.


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