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About Association

Jujiro Wada was an explorer from Ehime Prefecture was active in North America, Alaska and Canada from the Meiji period to the Showa period. Our mission is to honor and pass on his accomplishments and filial duties to the next generation.

Basic Policy

-Town planning centered around the “Jujiro Wada honorific monument” that was built in the Ishite River Green Park in Hinode Town.

-Honor Jujiro Wada’s pioneering spirit and his filial duties towards his mother Setsu.

-Promote the exchange between USA and Canada through honorific activities.

Situation and future prospects

-We cooperate with local volunteer groups to improve the lawn and banks around the “Jujiro Wada Honorable Monument” and make it a place for relaxation for townsfolk.

-Through events such as the performances of Mikan Iza Musical “Samurai running toward Aurora ~ Jujiro Wada” which depicts the life of Wada, we will honor Jujiro’s pioneering spirit and his love for his family to the younger generation that will be responsible for the future of Japan.

-Alaska and Canada also had a Jujiro Wada Memorial Association, JWMA, and in May 2015, a musical about Wada was performed in Alaska. We will further promote the exchanges with the United States and Canada at times of performances of the musical.

-We release the business report, property inventory, balance sheet, activity statement showing the financial situation of Specified Nonprofit Organization Jujiro Wada Memorial Association according to the Act on Revised Act for Promotion of Specified Nonprofit Act

We want to pass on the name of Wada to the future generations.  Alaska, adored in Canada, Wada is the pride of Ehime and Japan. Even after seven decades after his death, he is worshiped in North America as “the god of dogs-in-use,” and in Canada Yukon in 2007, as an Asian inhabitant who contributed to the development of the Yukon, an event was held to praise his achievement.

JWMA would like to disseminate Wada to all over Japan, America, Canada, and even the entire world through the musical performances in Alaska, deepening the exchange with Alaska and Canada through Wada.

For that reason, we are widely recruiting members to expand the organization of the Association.  We sincerely hope that you will join the JWM and participate in our activities.

Those who wish to become a member, please send us your name, address, and telephone number via Contact us page on our homepage. Your personal information will be kept confidential.


Representative Director

Mikio Ueoka


Representatives of the organization 


3rd President Kazuhiko Tanaka (2016 – Present)

The third President Kazuhiko Tanaka

Mr. Kazuhiko Tanaka, President of RNB or Nankai Broadcast Co. became the third chairman of the association.




2nd President Takami Doi (2009 – 2016)


Takami Doi

Ms. Takami Doi, Former municipal superintendent of the board of education became the second chairman of the association.

Iditarod Mile0 in 2010



The first President Jiro Ueoka (2007)

Jiro Ueoka, the first President of the Association

Mr. Jiro Ueoka, the first chairman and one of the founding members of JWMA, died on September 26, 2007 at the age of 81, three weeks after the unveiling ceremony of the Jujiro Wada Statue on September 3, 2007.


Introduction of Wada’s descendants


Toshio Wada

Toshio Wada standing next to Helen Wada Silveira’s grave, Santa Clara Mission Cemetery

One of the grandsons of Jujiro’s elder brother Heitaro, Toshio Wada, and some other members of the association visited North America in Sept. 2008.




Descendants of Jujiro Wada in USA

Descendents of Jujiro Wada next to a grave of Helen Wada Silveira, a daughter of Jujiro, Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, in 2008
The descendants of Jujiro Wada from US and Japan gathered at the Performing Arts Center in Alaska in Oct. 2016.












Frank Cotter

Fumi Torigai

Fumiko Miyahara





Heitaro Wada

Hiroyuki Matsuura







Josuke Yamaguchi



Kazunori Nakamura

Keizo Funatsu







Mahito Tani

Michio Hoshino

Mikio Ueoka


Naoko Hoshino

Norio Matsumoto

Norio Mitsuoka

Norman Kagan












Robert De Armond

Ryozo Azuma




Setsuko Kaida

Shane K. Bernard

Shu Koito

Silvia Kobayashi




Tokio Nakamura

Tokihiro Nakamura

Toshikazu Fujisaki

Toshio Nakamura

Tonny Nakazawa









Yuji Tani








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