Rediscovery of Jujiro Wada’s Life Stories by Japanese-American Part 1

Valuable information about Jujiro Wada and his life story was brought to Japan by the 2nd generation Japanese-American Norio Mitsuoka.

Mr. Norio Mitsuoka (Right)
Novel, Call of the Wild (Jack London)

In 1963 his daughter Noriko had some questions about how much was true after reading Jack London, and learning that the famous author befriended Wada. These inquiries guided her and her father to the local Alaskan historian Robert De Armond.

An article about Jujiro Wada by Mr. Armond
Mr. Robert De Armod (Center)

The article “This is My Country” by De Armond in the magazine Alaska, (published 1983) was a most informative article on the life of Wada. He also was the first to provide details on Wada`s death. De Armond brought these to the attention of Mitsuoka, as well as the excellent article “Ju Wada as I knew him” by Frank Cotter written in 1937.

Descendents of Jujiro Wada in California next to a grave of Helen Wada Silveira, a daughter of Jujiro, Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, in 2008
Mr. Toshio Wada in Japan

These information enabled Norio Mitsuoka to find the death certificate of Jujiro Wada. After learning so many forgotten details, in 1992 Norio Mitsuka visited Ehime, Japan, to meet Mr. Toshio Wada, the descendant of Jujiro Wada.

For more details on Helen and Jujiro Wada`s Life History

“JU・WADA・AS I KNOW HIM” written by Frank Cotter, San Fransisco’s The Japanese – American Courier
Frank Cotter who assisted Wada when he improved the Iditarod Trail.

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