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Annual Report - Jujiro Wada Memorial Association

Annual Report

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FY 2018 (April – March)

FY 2017

Aurora News – No. 8 (April 1, 2018)
Word by the 3rd president of the JWMA, Mr. Tanaka
He explains how he became first intrigatd by Wada. First he happened to find Tani`s book A Samurai running toward the Aurora, then through a radio drama “A samurai
becoming Aurora” and a memorial stone, he came to know Mr. Ueoka, and through the theatre version Ms. Doi. He memorizes how fellow-islander, Shikoku born Ryoma Sakamoto was a rather unhknow figure in the past, until he became a Japanese hero due to a novel written by Ryotaro Shiba. As a media-person he feels that there is still a lot that the JWMA can do.

Event calender FY2018
– Jujiro Wada Memorial Event
May 2nd from 11 A.M.: Jujiro Wada memorial event
Extension of appreciation letters to contributors, Performance by Mikan Iza, presentation of international website and musical performance (digest version)

Memorial Event on the occasion of 150 years Meiji “Three great figures from Ehime: Hironori Mizuno X Jujiro Wada X Shukichi Shigemi”
Oct 13th: 2 weeks Memorial Exhibition in Sakanoue-no-Kumo Museum
Oct 13th: Symposium on the same in Sakanoue-no-Kumo Museum

Jujiro Wada is added to “Study our town Matsuyama – stories of our ancestors – digest version” which is a publication by the Education Committee of Matsuyama City.

Screening of the Digest version of the musical
This year screening is planned in Uchiko and Imabari

Ethics education
A schoolbook about ethics, containing material about Jujiro Wada is used in a class and by use of Skype, it is made into an international exchange class with the Italian elementary school in Pedro`s hometown Fanano.

JWMA has received the Grand Prize of the Rejuvenating Local Community Award over 2017 in the 8th edition of the event.
LINK: Jujiro Wada Memorial Event (May 3rd)
LINK: International Symposium in Memory of Jujiro Wada held (Nov 18)
LINK: Participation in a symposium held in Felix Pedro`s hometownof Fanano in Italy
LINK: Ehime Explorer Exhibition held (July 15th – Aug 31st)

Financial Statement over 2017 – Balance Sheet

Tranfer from last year 24,000
Membership contributions 98,000
Gifts 78,000
Prefectural Support 500,000
Symposium Contribution 270,000
Burden charge 253,337
Total ¥1,223,337

Compensation 176,000
Travel 679,640
Food & drink 119,958
Outsourced labor 147,180
Other expenses 98,446
Transfer to following year 2,113
Total ¥1,223,337

FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 2014

FY 2013

FY 2012


We offer our deepest condolences to the victims of the Eastern Japan earthquake on March 11th. We should put in our best effort into what we can do to restoration by talking each other and taking responsibility in our community. We would like to ask our memebers to support us, and let us know what we can do.

Purpose of the foundation of JWMA(Jujiro Wada Memorial Association) is to honor the duty of Jujiro Wada’s accomplishment and pass it to the next generation. Jiro Ueoka, 1st president, founded JWMA organization from thought to object with his strong passion. I, Takami Doi, have taken office as a 2nd president of JWMA for 2 years. Please refer below for the details of all the activities in 2 years.

Since achievements of Jujiro Wada preserved mainly in Alaska and North Territory, Canada, but not in Japan, we strived for the continuous relationship with these regions for this past 2 years. Our effort made great progress through Local community Talk-show, Visit of Musher, Keizo Funatus, and professor of the University of Alaska,

Our next activity is その活動をもとに平成二十三年度の活動のキーワードは「表現」であろうと考えます。その具体化の一つは、教育の資料作成です。


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