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Tales of an adventurer, Wada, on a local newspaper

The students in front of Wada’s statue

Last November, fifth-grade students (76) of Soga Elementary School (Hinode) studied the life story of the local Jujiro Wada. Their biography of Wada was published in the school newspaper. They performed a song about Wada during the school music concert.  They met with three of Wada’s descendants from the USA in Hinode. With students from Takunan Junior High School, they planted flowers near Wada’s statue along the Ishite Riverbank.

For more details on visiting Wada’s descendants and Jujiro Wada`s Life History

Local newspaper

Ms. Kiyota (student) was very surprised about Wada’s story. Especially when he left Japan for Alaska and struck gold. She also mentioned Wada was beloved by many people and continued to send money home.  Mr. Murakami wanted to be like Wada because he made everybody happy.

On the 13th of February 2020, Soga Elementary School will celebrate its 130th anniversary.

Student News paper about Wada

For more details on Jujiro Wada`s Life History

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