The call of the Wild- Dog of the Yukon

Novel, Call of the Wild

In the famous novel by Jack London, Buck and the other dogs make it from Dawson City to Skagway in 14 days, enduring temperatures of 50C below freezing point. This meant an impressive average of 40 miles per day, mentioned as a new record in the book. 

more than 800 miles from Skagway to Dawson

In 1909 Jujiro Wada using his dog sled around Fort Yukon, on the Porcupine River and Chandalar River makes also record breaking speeds with 50 miles on a good day in winter, to 68 miles a day in spring. His spring time average mileage on longer routes is 50 mile per day. See for details Life History

Sorry. No roads accessible even in 2020.

The Call of the Wild is a novel by Jack London published in 1903.

The story is set in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. The novel’s main character is a dog named Buck, a dog that led a normal life at a ranch in California. Then he is stolen by the gardener, mistreated, and sold into the ungrateful existence of an Alaskan sled dog, an experience that changes his character as he is forced to adjust to harsh Yukon conditions. After a short training from two men in Alaska, he has to learn on the job, from the experienced sled dogs. Eventually, he becomes a fighter, wins the struggle for survival, and lives a less sophisticated life to the best, allowing him to climb up to become a leading figure. The novel was an instant success and allowed Jack London an existence as a writer.

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