Snowmobiles, the modern dog sleds

Jujiro Wada spent 19 days on his dog sled in March and April 1909 to go from Fairbanks to Chandalar also stopping at Fort Yukon on the way.

15 days from this he was moving, and his total distance was 700 miles.

For more details on Wada`s travel see Life History

If anyone seeing this, has experience doing similar routes or distances on snowmobile or by dog sled, please let us know your experiences.
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End of March Wada left Fairbanks, for a visit Fort Yukon and Chandalar, for a total of 700 miles which he completed in 19 days including his 4 days stay.

Where dog sleds were a popular way of transportation in the past,
now they are almost completely replaced by snowmobiles.
For trappers the snowmobile allows to check a trap line in 1 day,
whereas a dog sled would take up 2 or 3 days. For a whole season of trapping this can make considerable difference in income. Also dogs need to be fed constantly.

Where salmon is readily available, fish serves as dog food, but still providing them with enough food is a constant concern. Salmon is caught before the dog sled season, and is best dried to keep it through the winter.
For 1 dog sled hundreds of salmon must be prepared.

Snowmobiles only require fuel. They bring their own problems however.
They can break down, and when they do so you better know enough of its mechanics to repair it yourself.

When you can`t do it yourself, you`ve to discard it, walk home through harsh conditions and come back to fix it another time. 

For this reason some elder natives of Alaska still prefer dog sleds, they don`t break down, and don`t require bush-repairs. Also dog sleds are silent. Snowmobiles are loud, and the sound can become quite annoying.

For more details on Wada`s travels see Life History.


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