Family Tree

Jujiro Wada’s only daughter Helen Silveira —Helen Silveira (married 5 times): children Eddy, Harry, Donald, Juanita, Leonard, Adamae and Edith O`Hare; Harold, Lorraine, Lucille, Robert, Ruth, Norma, and Melvin Wight; Richard M. Medeiros; Marilyn Peters

-by Michael O’Hare-

Edward was the first child of Harry Michael O’Hare and Helen Silveira Wada.

He was born February 2, 1918 in San Francisco, California. He would be 102 years old this year.

Grandama Helen and Uncle Eddie in Waterloo Iowa about 1918









For more details on Helen Wada Silveira and Jujiro Wada`s Life History


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