Past Events

Exhibition of Toshio Wada’s paintings

A rotating exhibition is held by Uchiko Town of paintings by Wadas grandson, the late Toshio Wada.


Until end of June, a changing selection of his paintings can be seen. He passed away last year November at the age of 93. He took a keen interest in painting also as a member of The Uchiko Committee for Lovers of Painting, and studied painting under Mr. Nakaoka in 1997. From then, every year during the Uchiko Culture Festival/Summer Festival Art Exhibition he had paintings exhibited all from the 1st Collective Hobby Painting Exhibition until the 17th edition. From 2013 and onward up till last year he had each year 3 of his paintings exhibited every year at the “Let’s Paint Our Surroundings” Exhibition.

at Uchiko Library

In April 2013 and 2014, his painting were at the 61st and 62nd edition of
the Prefectural Spring Exhibition. And in July 2014 he had a private exhibition at Uchiko Town Visitor Center.

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