Chronological Record

1875 0 January 6th: Jujiro is born to Setsu and Genpachi Wada, a former retainer of the Komatsu Clan.
1879 4 Genpachi Wada passes away. The family moves to Hinodemachi in Matsuyama.
1886 11 Jujiro begins work at the Toda paper factory, owned by a relative.
1887 12 December 3rd: With the passing of his brother Shingo, inherits headship of the family.
1890 15 Begins work at the Yamaya Shipping Company in Mitsuhama.
1891 16 Leaves Mitsuhama for Kobe.
1892 17 Stows away on a ship bound for America, lands in San Francisco, is pressed into service aboard the whaling vessel Balaena, and begins work in the Arctic Sea. During this time, masters English and geography, accumulating knowledge about the Arctic.
1894 19 <The Sino-Japanese War begins>
1896 21 Autumn: Returns briefly to Japan to visit his mother, Setsu.
1897 22 Returns to America. While working for a warehouse in Nome, builds a name for himself as a dog sledder and a frontiersman. Assists in the rescue of the ice-bound SS Newport, part of the US whaling fleet, and during the rescue operations becomes acquainted with Tabasco magnate and naturalist Edward Avery McIlhenny.
1903 28 While working in the fur trade, explores the Alaskan and Canadian frontiers, discovering many gold deposits. His discoveries in the Fairbanks area play an especially important role in causing the Tanana Stampede, bringing a surge of miners and settlers to the area.
1904 29 <The Russo-Japanese War begins>
1906 31 Named “king” and assumes leadership of three Inuit villages.*
1907 32 Becomes a champion among Alaskan athletes with his victory in a 35-mile race. After winning a 50-mile indoor marathon in Nome, attains the nickname, “Great Wada.”
1908 33 From Dawson, explores the arctic circle on a 5000-mile dog sled journey, and is featured prominently in Alaskan newspapers.
1909 34 Leads a venture to blaze a sledding trail from the port town of Seward to the Iditerod. This enterprise takes 21 days and utilizes more than 30 dog sleds. The modern Iditerod Trail Race traces the same route.
1912 37 Works on a business venture with Edward McIlhenny.
1914 39 <World War I begins>Rumors accusing Jujiro of being a spy spread. He disappears.
1920 45 Hired by the Canadian government as an oil prospector. Works exploring the MacKenzie Basin.
1930 55 Jujiro Wada’s name becomes known in his home country of Japan.
1933 58 August 14th: Jujiro’s mother Setsu passes away in Matsuyama.
1937 62 Jujrio passes away in San Diego County Hospital.


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