On the 30th of November 2018


Soga Elementary school in Ehime (Japan) and an elementary school in Fanano (Italy)

A conference call between Japan and Italy will be held in honour of the relationship between Jujiro Wada and Felix Pedro. The conference call will be based from Soga Elementary school in Ehime (Japan) and an elementary school in Fanano (Italy). Although these schools had not been built yet in Wada and Pedros Era, they are in their respective home towns.

The Cultural exchange’s focus 

The Cultural exchange’s focus is to expand on the relationship Wada and Pedro formed during the gold rush at Tanana river in Fairbanks, Alaska. The students will be encouraged to share their cultures and difference of opinions with one other,  strengthening the bond between our two countries.

Ueoka (front)

Mikio Ueoka, a representative of JWMA, commented that  “As a preparation for that, on 16th October , we introduced Jujiro Wada, Felix Pedro, and Fanano to the Soga elementary school students at the gymnasiums.  And,Ms.Setsuko Kaida, director of Mikan Ichiza, who wrote about Jujiro in the moral textbook talked about Jujiro Wada. Children introduced City of Matsuyama and the Soga school and Noriko Kan translated it.

Children of the Soga elementary school and Fanano elementary school will study their hometown and their school and Pedro and Jujiro. 

By doing so, they will love and be proud of their town where they lives and will know each other ‘s culture and life. By conducting this exchange class, the Jujiro Wada Memorial Association will promote international exchanges by removing the walls of the nation through the great local people Pedro and Jujiro.”

The Event that lead to this cultural exchnge event.

In 1903, Jujiro Wada together with Italian immigrant Felix Pedro in the Tanana plain uncovered the gold mine. This is “Tanana Stampede” in Alaska Pioneering History.Ms. Noriko Kan and Mikio Ueoka met with Pedro’s researcher Massimo Turchi in Pedro’s home Fanano in September, 2017, and also participated in the symposium. At that time, it was suggested that Mayor of Fanano want to International exchange with Jujiro Wada`s hometown elementary School and Pedro’s hometown elementary School.  So, in order to realize that promise, the Fanano elementary school and the Soga elementary school in Hinode town,Matsuyama city where Jujiro was raised, will be scheduled exchange lesson on November 30 , while using pictures and photos through Skype.


This year, 150 year has passed since the beginning of Meiji Era (1872 – 1912), we will hold a talk show about three great people from Ehime prefecture who played an active part in this era. Jujiro Wada (an pionner), Noriaki Mizuno (soldier who complained anti-war), and Shigetoshi Shigemi (Soseki Natsume’s rival)


Three women who are active in various fields such as Miki Enoki, NHK World Executive Producer, who will lead the talks, Setsuko Kaida of “Mikan Ichiza“, and Noriko Kan of NPO president of Item Matsuyama.

Those who would like to participate

JWMA’s President Kazuhiko Tanaka (Nankai Broadcasting President) will be held as chairperson. It will be held from the noon on Saturday, 13th on the second floor hall “Saka No Ueno Kumo Museum”.  Admission is free. You are all invited. We will be broadcast live on the Nankai Broadcasting Radio. We will keep updated on Facebook.


Meet Jujiro Wada at Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples


The 33rd Special Exhibition “North to the Future, History of Japanese Contact with Alaska” has been held at the Hokkaido Museum of Northan Peoples, the organizer of the Symposium. Curator Mr. Noguchi showed us around the exhibits. He came to Ehime to borrow some stuffs of Jujiro Wada, when representative of Jujiro Wada Memorial Association, Mikio Ueoka took care of him. That made Ueoka and Noriko Kan come visit Abashiri, Hokkaido. There was a Jujiro section in which his mini video has been shown. Another curator Ms. Sasakura introduced them at the reception.


Those who would like to participate

Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples
309-1 Shiomi, Abashiri City, Hokkaido
JAPAN, 093-0042


http://hoppohm.org/english/ (English)

http://hoppohm.org/index2.htm (Japanese)

Jujiro Wada
Jujiro Wada at right
Jujiro Wada
Moccasins of Jujiro Wada
Jujiro Wada
A view of the exhbition

An annual event that honors Jujiro Wada and his legacy was held in front of Wada Jujiro memorial monument in Ishite River Green Park from 11 am on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.


After a greeting from the president of JWMA, an award was given to the creators of the monument Hakuo Fujiwara and Toshikazu Nomoto as well as Toshio Wada.

After that, in the Public hall of Hinode town, the international website of Jujiro Wada and the digest version of Jujiro Wada musical were projected.

Participants from USA

Michael O’Hare and Patti Reardon, the descendants of Jujiro Wada, visited Matsuyama City on May 1st with their friends Paula Huhges and Sonny Fel Banara.

Jujiro Wada
Ishite Green River Part at Hinode, Matsuyama
Fujiwara (Left) Michael O’Hare (Center) and Patty Reardon (Right)
Jujiro Wada
Paula Hugh and Sonny Fel Banara (center)

Jujiro Wada Memorial Association (JWMA) received the 8th ” Rejuvenating Local Community Excellence Award ” in 2017.

This prize is awarded by an organization consisting of 46 local newspaper companies and Kyodo news annually to local organizations that engage in activities to enhance the awareness and rejuvenation of the community.  JWMA was awarded for its contribution to the community by promoting valuable activities.

On February 9 (Friday), there was a ceremony at the City Cosmos Hall in Tokyo, and Mikio Ueoka received a certificate on behalf of JWMA, and it was also widely published in the Ehime newspaper of the local newspaper.

” Jujiro Wada was an explorer from Ehime Prefecture was active in North America, Alaska and Canada from the Meiji period to the Showa period. Our mission is to honor and pass on his accomplishments and filial duties to the next generation.  Jujiro Wada Memorial Association, JWMA, cooperate with local volunteer groups to improve the lawn and banks around the “Jujiro Wada Honorable Monument” and make it a place for relaxation for townsfolk” (Ehime Newspaper)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to have such a proud prize.
In order not to be ashamed of this award, we would like to continue working on further activities.

We sincerely wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support.

Jujiro Wada
President Tanaka
Jujiro Wada
At the City Cosmo Hall with Award (from the left) Tokuda, Uchikawa, Tani, Ueoka
Jujiro Wada Honored in local community
Ehime News Paper

The symposium held at Fanano, Italy, home town of Felix – Pedro,

Also, the state of the symposium at Fanano, Italy was posted on Felix · Pedro’s website, so please have a look at it.

On December 28, 1902, Wada mushed one of Barnette’s dog teams into Dawson City to tell about the gold strikes by Felix Pedro, near Fairbanks, Alaska.  This, Tanana Stampede, caused several hundred miners to leave Dawson City for Fairbanks.


Jujiro Wada
Article from local newspaper
Jujiro Wada
Slide presented at the Symposium, Pedro and Jujio


In May 2015, Mikan Iza’s musical “Samurai running toward the Aurora” was performed in Anchorage. To commemorate his legacy, “Jujiro Wada honorific monument” was built in Seward City, Alaska.

Activities to raise awareness of Wada’s exploration is becoming international.  Recently, a symposium introducing Wada was held in Fanano.  This city in Italy is the hometown of Felix Pedro, who found a gold mine near Tanana River with Wada.

It has been over 80 years since Wada’s death and because many documents are missing, an international symposium was held at the “Saka No Ueno Kumo” museum in Matsuyama for scholars who research about Wada to preserve existing documents and share information about their findings and upcoming events on November 18, 2017.

The symposium was moderated by Ms. Setsuko Kaida, who is the director of Mikan Ichiza. In the symposium, active debate was made by Mr.Kazuhiko Tanaka of Jujiro Wada memorial association, JWMA, President, Mr.Tony Nakazawa of Alaska JWMA, Mr.Timothy Minezaki of Alaska JWMA Vice President, and Mr.Hiroyuki Matsuura of International coordinator.  An active discussion was held on the future global development of international recognition activities by four men.

Finally, three separate organizations related to Wada based in USA, Canada and Japan had a signing ceremony to agree to cooperate on promoting research about Wada.

This symposium was broadcasted on Nankai local radio. It also aired on “News Channel 4” and NHK’s “HimePon.”

Scholars who research about Wada
Scholars who research about Wada


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